Your guide to racing from home

Caitlin O'Sullivan
19 March 2020
With the world in a holding pattern due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19, New Zealand racing is set to take place behind closed doors over the next few weeks. The safety of our industry is paramount, but so is your ongoing support. Queue our guide to racing from home: 
You’ll need a TV - or a laptop or even a phone! Although we suggest a strong internet connection for the latter two for optimum streaming via If you’ve experienced a race buffering with 200m to go, you’ll know where we’re coming from … 
Set up (or top-up) your TAB account - Bring the excitement of the course to your living room and pick a horse to cheer home. You may freak out the neighbours but there really is no better feeling than seeing your horse get home at the front of the pack.  
For those who don’t fancy their luck when it comes to punting, pick a horse just for fun! Get your friends, flatmates, partner - whoever is near - to pick one too and have a competition amongst yourself. Loser’s on dinner … 
Get a Form Guide - Whether that’s our LOVERACING.NZ website, Raceform or the back of the newspaper. With the state of current affairs, you’ll have plenty of time to study.  
Get your snacks sorted - A crucial step! If you’re really wanting to get into the raceday spirit, hot chips are your go to. 
Have your favourite beverage on hand - Be that OJ, a cup of tea or something a bit stronger...
Comfort is key - Think slippers, hoodies and blankets. We’re all about the positives and aside from the obvious of keeping our industry safe, you won’t need to endure squeezing your hooves into heels or getting sweaty in a suit when racing from home. 
Watch - Stating the obvious here. Scream your horse home like nobody's watching, because, well they aren’t!
Have your phone handy - During this time, we’ll be active like always on our social media platforms. Get all of the pre-race build-up and post-race news on LOVERACING.NZ’s Facebook page and Instagram
We look forward to seeing you back on-course soon but in the meantime, slippers on, remote in hand and enjoy our great sport from the comfort of your couch! 

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