The Apprentices: Kozzi vs Ashvin

10 September 2019
The new racing season has already been full of excitement with even more to come this Spring. This week we caught up with the 2 up and coming apprentices currently in the top 5 ranks for the Jockeys Premiership, Kozzi Asano (3rd) and current leader Ashvin Goindasamy. 
Who is your favourite horse?
Kozzi: Strowan
Ashvin: Cutting up Rough & Alizee
Which jockey do you look up to most?
Kozzi: Jonathan Riddell
Ashvin: Donovan Mansour & James Doyle
Who is your favourite sire?
Kozzi: O'Reilly
Ashvin: Darci Brahma/Savabeel
What’s the best racecourse in New Zealand?
Kozzi: Riccarton Park
Ashvin: Tauranga & Ellerslie
Which sport do you most like to watch?
Kozzi: Horse Racing, Fishing
Ashvin: Horse Racing, Soccer
If you weren’t a superstar jockey what would you be doing?
Kozzi: Doctor
Ashvin: Always a Jockey
What gets you motivated in the morning?
Kozzi: Care of Horses
Ashvin: Riding good horses
What’s your raceday drink?
Kozzi: Vitamin Drink
Ashvin: Water/Herbalife
After a big raceday what’s your favourite meal?
Kozzi: Fish & Chips
Ashvin: Steak & Chips
Home cooked, or eating out at a restaurant?
Kozzi: Home cooked
Ashvin: Restaurant
Do you have any superstitions that you follow on raceday?
Kozzi: Nil
Ashvin: Like Black & White, numbers 1 & 3

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