The Shaun's: Fannin vs Phelan

16 August 2019

With only a couple weeks left of Winter, we looked at the early leaders in the Jumps Jockey Premiership that share the same name Shaun Phelan and Shaun Fannin. Find out who would be a Grammy Recording Artist if he wasn’t a superstar Jumps Jockey.

Favourite jumps horse?
Phelan: Monarch Chime
Fannin: Kickback
Prefer steeples or hurdles?
Phelan: Steeplechase
Fannin: Steeplechase
Which jockey do look up to most?
Phelan: Jonathan Riddell
Fannin: Joao Moreira
What’s the best racecourse in New Zealand?
Phelan: Ellerslie
Fannin: Ellerslie
What's better, Riccarton or Trentham figure-eight?
Phelan: Riccarton
Fannin: Riccarton
Which sport do you most like to watch?
Phelan: Rugby League
Fannin: Horse Racing
If you weren’t a superstar jumps jockey what would you be doing?
Phelan: Horse Trainer
Fannin: Grammy Recording Artist
What gets you motivated in the morning?
Phelan: Producing good horses
Fannin: Hunt for the next winner
What’s your raceday drink?
Phelan: Coke
Fannin: Water & Lift Plus
Favourite meal after raceday?
Phelan: Roast
Fannin: Spaghetti Bolognaise
Home cooked, or eating restaurant?
Phelan: Homecooked
Fannin: Restaurant
Do you have any superstitions that you follow on raceday?
Phelan: Nil
Fannin: Nil but go hard or go home

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