Bernard's Blog - 29 July

Bernard Saundry
29 July 2019

Getting our racing in front of more eyeballs is a key focus for NZTR as we strive to grow the industry.

The recent announcement from RITA that the TAB had signed an agreement with Spark Sport which will see racing part of the range of events screened via that digital platform is a huge positive in this area. 

From the beginning of the new racing season coverage of all live racing, along with pre and post-race analysis, live odds and feature shows, will be added to the sports currently offered in Spark Sport’s $19.99 subscription.

Over the past five years the sports rights market in New Zealand has changed significantly.  Earlier this year the TAB entered into a non-exclusive agreement with SKY NZ, providing the TAB and the codes great opportunity to grow the audience and to get content to new viewers.

This is something which NZTR is keen to see advance further as it aligns with our media strategy to allow thoroughbred racing to be seen anywhere, any time and on any platform.

It is also another step towards moving racing to an audience outside of the traditional bubble populated by long-time racing fans.

The equation is very simple – more eyeballs; more engagement; more owners; more participation; more turnover; greater returns for clubs; and more money back into the industry.

Ultimately it is our aim to put live racing vision up on the LOVERACING.NZ website where we already have around 64,000 viewers checking in for their daily dose of racing news.  We are currently working on the technology to make this a reality and allow us to grow the number of people seeing racing.

This live action will add to our current content which profiles and celebrates our people and horses.

While on the topic of celebrating our horses, later this week we will be asking those within the industry to share their own stories via our #weloveracingNZ campaign with the opportunity to win a trip to the 2019 Horse of the Year Awards.

Look out for the promo for this campaign which recognises all the work which goes into getting our horses to the races and asking people to take a selfie and tell us what got them into the industry.  I look forward to seeing the results.





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