The Jockeys: Pope vs King

14 June 2019

This week we caught up with two of racing’s most well-known jockeys Robbie Hannam and Michael Coleman or as they’re better known “The Pope” and “The King”. 

They have amassed over 3,000 wins (2102-Coleman, 1052-Hannam) and over 200 Group or Listed races in New Zealand with over the years. We got to know a bit more about the men behind the prestigious nicknames with a few quick-fire questions.

Who is your favourite horse?
Robbie: Authentic Paddy & Green Street
Michael: Xcellent  

Which jockey do look up to most?
Robbie: Jimmy Cassidy
Michael: Opie Bosson 

Who is your favourite sire?
Robbie: Volksraad
Michael: Zabeel

What’s the best racecourse in New Zealand?
Robbie: Tauherenikau 
Michael: Ellerslie

Which sport do you most like to watch?
Robbie: Rugby 
Michael: Golf

If you weren’t a superstar jockey what would you be doing?
Robbie: Fisherman 
Michael: Rocket scientist

What gets you motivated in the morning?
Robbie: Usual Routine
Michael: Finding a fast horse

What’s your raceday drink?
Robbie: Coffee
Michael: Coffee

After a big raceday what’s your favourite meal?
Robbie: Noodle Canteen
Michael: Steak

Home cooked, or eating out at a restaurant?
Robbie: Restaurant 
Michael: Restaurant-Italian

Do you have any superstitions that you follow on raceday?
Robbie: Nil 
Michael: Its unlucky to shave between racedays

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