The Jumpers: Seivwright vs Higgins

31 May 2019

We are heading into Winter now so our jumping programme is  well underway!  So we're going to highlight our courageous jumps and highweight jockeys with quickfire questions.  We'll learn what makes them tick on race day, gets them up for pre-dawn starts, and if they have any raceday superstitions.

This week we pick up the series with the current leaders of the LOVERACING.NZ JUMPS CHALLENGE 2019 James Seivwright and Stuart Higgins.


Favourite jumps horse?

James: Sea King

Stuart: Jack Frost & Banbury Lad


Prefer steeples or hurdles?

James: Steeplechase

Stuart: Steeplechase


Which jockey do look up to most?

James: William Pike

Stuart: Tony McCoy


What’s the best racecourse in New Zealand?

James: Riverton

Stuart: Riverton


What's better, Riccarton or Trentham figure-eight?

James: Trentham

Stuart: Riccarton


Which sport do you most like to watch?

James: Indoor Bowls

Stuart: Tennis


If you weren’t a superstar jumps jockey what would you be doing?

James: Army

Stuart: Accountant


What gets you motivated in the morning?

James: My 4 alarms

Stuart: Money


What’s your raceday drink?

James: Half a blue V

Stuart: Coffee


Favourite meal after raceday?

James: Fried chicken from Mexico

Stuart: Kebabs


Home cooked, or eating restaurant?

James: Restuarant

Stuart: Restuarant


Do you have an superstitions that you follow on raceday?

James: Nil

Stuart: Nil


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