Q & A with Fashion in the Field Judge Bridgette O'Sullivan

The Races
13 February 2019
Wife to former Champion jockey turned trainer, Lance O’Sullivan, Ellerslie’s first racing ambassador and fashion in the field judge at multiple racedays around the country, Bridgette O’Sullivan is no stranger to the races (nor raceday fashion!) We sat down with Bridgette to discuss racewear, fashion in the field and the return of the 80s!
How would you describe your personal style?
Smart casual most days. I often like to wear a heel as I feel under-dressed if I don’t (and i’m only 5.2!)
What is your go-to raceday outfit?
If I’m in a rush I’ll reach for a leather skirt and a nice blouse with killer heels.
What is your style philosophy?
For me, you can't beat simple and elegant. In saying that, I try to keep up with current trends and incorporate them in my outfits. My daughters (Caitlin and Georgia) do their best to keep me 'hip'. 
Who are your go-to designers for racewear?
I get a lot of my raceday pieces from Self-Portrait. If I’m stuck for an outfit, I’ll pop into Muse - they always have something fabulous!
For you, what sets apart a winning outfit from the rest?
A winning fashion in the field outfit just ‘jumps out’ at you. It has x-factor and great attention to detail. The contestant will always look comfortable and confident in the outfit.
Are there any past trends you’d like to see make a return?
I think most trends make a return at some point. I am secretly enjoying the return of the 80s at the moment! I’m particularly loving the classic oversized blazer paired with high-waisted jeans.
Flipping that, are there any trends you hope to never see again?
Suit jackets with matching short skirts! I am guilty of wearing this many moons ago. In saying that, a pantsuit is a great alternative and is incredibly stylish. It's the perfect option for when the weather isn't playing ball too! 
What is the one piece you believe every women should invest in?
For everyday wear, I think it’s important to have a beautiful blazer in your wardrobe. For raceday, a killer pair of heels can complete an outfit. 
What advice would you give to someone looking to enter fashion in the field?
Choose an outfit that you personally love and feel great wearing - that shines through when you’re on stage! Ensure your outfit is in line with current season trends in terms of colour and cut. Pay attention to the finer details - accessories, hair and makeup really finish an outfit and can be the difference between a winning outfit or not. 

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