Caring for thoroughbreds

New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing’s vision for thoroughbred welfare

“A thoroughbred should be provided a good life, with the care and conditions that will allow the horse to thrive and perform to its natural abilities.”

New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing is dedicated to communicating best practice care and management of thoroughbreds and the minimum expectations for horse care and training. NZTR will sanction individuals who fail to meet these standards.

NZTR promotes adherence to the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) Animal Welfare (Horses and Donkeys) Code of Welfare (2016) and MPI regulations that provide specific guidelines on proper animal care.

Thoughtful and proper husbandry practices and minimising stress for the horse help ensure its overall welfare. NZTR's Thoroughbred Welfare Guidelines can be viewed here

Jockey, stable hand and trainer education is also provided through mentoring and on-the-job learning, and also by NZ Qualification Authority equine qualifications.

New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing will: