Meeting News

Waimate RC | Sunday 10 June | RACE DAY

Race Morning
Weather:Now Raining was Cloudy
Track: Slow 8 | Now Slow 9 | Now Heavy 10
Rail: True 
Weather and Track updated at 9.30am Sunday 10 June

No afternoon update availible

Saturday Morning
Weather: Overcast
Track: Slow 8
Rail: True 
Weather and Track updated at 11:26am Saturday 9 June

Withdrawal Morning
Weather: Fine
Track: Slow 8
Rail: True | 7mm Rain Overnight
Weather and Track updated at 10.47am Wednesday 6 June

Nomination Morning
Weather: Overcast
Track: Dead 6
Rail: True | 2mm Rain LIn Last Week
Weather and Track updated at 9.30am Tuesday 5 June


Apprentice Riders:
J Bassett (a4) 0223717817
R Firdhaus (a3) 021 0282 6955
B B Hong (a4) 021 055 6884
B Murray (a3) 027 775 8500
K Mudhoo (a1) 027 727 0691
R Mudhoo (a4) 027 727 0693
G Saejorhor (a4) 0279727812

Senior Riders:
C Barnes 027 336 4624
R Cuneen 0210 246 7647
K Gundowry 0211271058
B Morgenrood 02108137585
S Muniandy 021 434 251

Following consultation with the New Zealand Trainers’ Association & Racing Clubs, it has been agreed that entry to the Saddling Enclosures at all thoroughbred racing venues will be restricted to Licensed Trainers & Registered Persons. In conjunction with this directive, the minimum age for staff to enter these areas is 14 years unless a Stipendiary Steward has granted prior approval. In order to enforce this policy, Licensed Trainers and Licensed Persons must display their official NZTR ID card to gain access to the Saddling Enclosure areas on raceday.

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