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NZ Racing Board releases 2018/19 racing calendar

The 2018/19 Racing Calendar was released on 1 June 2018.  The dates have been approved by the NZRB Dates Committee, following three rounds of consultation with Codes, racing clubs and other recognised industry organisations (RIOs).   

On announcing the release, NZRB Dates Committee Chair Graeme Cooney commented, ‘The structure of this calendar builds on the changes made in the 2017/18 season and gives the industry a domestic racing calendar that maximises revenue and reduces the cost of its delivery. The key principles and guidelines that underpinned the 2017/18 calendar have been applied here and we have been working with your code representatives to ensure any additional club requirements have been included where practically possible and commercially sound. We have worked to take into account a number of other factors that determine the outcome of the calendar including broadcast coverage, popularity of particular days, dates and venues for on-course attendance, seasonal patterns and how we can raise the attractiveness of racing as an entertainment option for general public.’

There are 8 fewer thoroughbred meetings next year (FY19 315 vs FY18 323), with the reduction made principally in response to a smaller pool of horses in training compared with prior seasons.  Thoroughbred meetings have been deleted generally on the basis that these were among the weakest performing in terms of starters and turnover.

The full season 2018/19 dates will be updated on the NZTR website calendar by 6 June 2018.