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Riccarton Park North Canterbury | Friday 8 December RACE DAY

Race Day
Weather: Fine
Track: Good 3
Rail: Out 10m 
Weather and Track updated at 6.52am Friday 8 December

Thursday Afternoon
Weather: Overcast 
Track: Good 2
Rail: Out 10m | Irrigating 12mm today | Windy
Weather and Track updated at 3pm Thursday 7 December

Thursday Morning
Weather: Overcast
Track: Good 3
Rail: Out 10m | 12mm Irrigation last night | Irrigating 12mm today
Weather and Track updated at 9.02am Thursday 7 December

Withdrawal Morning
Weather: Fine
Track: Good 2
Rail: Out 10m | 12mm Irrigation last night | Irrigating today
Weather and Track updated at 8.50am Wednesday 6 December

Nomination Morning
Weather: Fine
Track: Good 3
Rail: Out 10m
Weather and Track updated at 9.00am Tuesday 5 December

H Bennett (a3) 027 383 3886

C Campbell (a3) 027 499 7244
B B Hong (a4) 0210556884
R Firdhaus (a3) c/-021 182 5559
T Jonker (a3) c/027 624 6142
M McNelis (a3) 021 109 6967
K Mudhoo (a1) c/-027 240 7031
R Yatim (a3) 027 277 9412

Senior Riders:
C Barnes 027 336 4624
A Collett c/- 027 785 4560
L Hemi 0212 802 370
S Muniandy 021 434 251
K Gundowry 0274914184
S Wynne 022 197 5412


The winning owner of each race on Friday will receive an Angus Meats Christmas ham and the owners of the first three placegetters will receive and Coupland’s Bakeries Christmas Cake.

Owners are invited to join the Club and sponsors for a drink before their race in the ‘Owners Pavilion’ situated on the south side of the Parade Ring.

Owners’ privileges are detailed in the NZTR ‘Owners Letter’. Owners are advised that the best parking, in front of the Grand National Stand, is accessed from the Steadman Road entrance. Trainers please make owners aware of this information. Owners are invited to lead winners back to scale and retain the presentation lead.

All Floats to use the containment area. Trainers and Float operators are advised that it is a requirement of the Canterbury Jockey Club Horse Containment Policy that all floats unload and load within the confines of the contained Float Park. Horses are not to be unloaded or loaded anywhere other than within this area. Entry to the float park is via the Steadman Road entrance.

Trainers and Float operators are reminded that all gates to the stables on Racecourse and Yaldhurst Roads are to remain closed at all times. Please ensure that your owners, staff and other contractors are aware of this requirement. This is a major safety issue as closed gates prevent horses escaping off the property onto the surrounding roads.

To assist security in ensuring that only authorised people are allowed into the raceday stalls area it is essential that all licence holders and licensed staff wear their licence badges so that they are clearly visible at all times. Security do not necessarily know trainers and other licence holders by sight and wearing licence badges so that they are easily seen will prevent any unnecessary embarrassment in accessing the stalls area.


Following consultation with the New Zealand Trainers’ Association & Racing Clubs, it has been agreed that entry to the Saddling Enclosures at all thoroughbred racing venues will be restricted to Licensed Trainers & Registered Persons. In conjunction with this directive, the minimum age for staff to enter these areas is 14 years unless a Stipendiary Steward has granted prior approval. In order to enforce this policy, Licensed Trainers and Licensed Persons must display their official NZTR ID card to gain access to the Saddling Enclosure areas on raceday.

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