Meeting News

Media Bulletin Turnover Report to 23 July 2017

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Meeting details:

- Hawkes Bay RI Thursday meeting ran 10 races this season, 8 last season.
- Racing Te Aroha Friday meeting was rescheduled to the following Monday
- Whangarei RC Saturday meeting ran 7 races in FY17, there were 8 races in FY16.
- Oamaru JC Sunday meeting was cancelled as the track was unsuitable for racing.

Turnover summary notes:

- Total NZ thoroughbred turnover is down, 7.15% year to date.
- 20 less meeting and 226 less races have been run than compared to the same date last season.
- Turnover per race is up 1.21%.
- Total starts made by thoroughbreds in NZ are 26 345, 2826 less than last season.
- Average field size is 10.50 in FY17, down slightly from 10.66 in FY16.
- The number of races with less than 8 starters is 401, 12 more than at the same stage last season.
- There is an decrease in NZ thoroughbred totalisator turnover (down 5.59%) and a decrease in FOB turnover (down 10.32%).
- Export turnover ($NZ) per race is down 2.61% to 30 Jun.

Note: Turnovers are provided by the NZRB from various reports. On-course is totalisator turnover on the meeting and on intertrack meetings, plus FOB racing turnover on the meeting only. FOB intertrack is not provided from these reports at present and on-course self-service turnover is also not currently included. Total NZRB racing turnover is all racing bet through the NZRB. NZ racing turnover is NZ thoroughbred, harness and greyhound turnovers combined; imported racing turnover is all imported thoroughbred, harness and greyhound turnover. Combined with sports, the racing turnover provides the total NZRB turnover. NZ thoroughbred export turnovers are stated in $NZ, generally up to a week or two behind other turnover numbers. NZ thoroughbred export turnover for FY15 has been adjusted to take into account previous underreporting.