Meeting News

Additional Meeting Programmed - Wyndham @ Gore Thursday 23 March

As a result of the abandonment of the Wyndham RC meeting on Sunday NZTR have announced a new Wyndham RC meeting to be run at Gore on Thursday 23 March. The new meeting will be a six race programme with provision for divisions if required.


Nominations will close with the National Racing Bureau at 12 noon on Monday 20 March and withdrawals at 10am on Tuesday 21 March. The full programme is as follows:


Benchmark Rating 65                      1200m                   $10,000

Benchmark Rating 65                      1335m                   $10,000

Benchmark Rating 65                      2000m                   $10,000

SW Maiden                                         1200m                   $10,000

SW Maiden                                         1335m                   $10,000

SW Maiden                                         2000m                   $10,000