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Weights & Conditions Early Entry Handicaps

NZTR in consultation with the Regional Programming chairmen and the New Zealand Trainers Association has determined that should weights for any of the following six early entry races need to be increased at withdrawal time, the handicapper will not re-weight these early entry races as is now provided under Standard Regulation 8.3 (a)  because  the nominations for these races closed prior to the new Standard Regulation being introduced on 13 December.  Weights for the six early entry races will be issued as was provided under the Standard Regulations at the time of entry, with a 59kg minimum topweight.  Should the weights need to raised at withdrawal time,  they will be increased to provide for a 58kg minimum topweight, as was previously required under the Standard regulations, with the weights allocated to the horses comprising the remainder of the field adjusted accordingly at that time eg. all weights may be raised by (say) 1kg.

This departure from the new Standard Regulation 8.3(a)  will apply to the following races - the Scot Thrust City of Auckland Cup and Dunstan Feeds Championship Final (Ellerslie 1 January 2014); the Barfoot and Thompson Auckland Cup (Ellerslie March 5, 2014);  J & R Berkett Telegraph Handicap (Trentham 18 January 2014), Platinum Homes Wellington Cup and Harcourts Thorndon Mile Handicap (Trentham 25 January).