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Policy Change: Standard Regulation 8.3 (A) Minimum Top-Weight At Withdrawal Time


At the recommendation of the Handicapping Review group, NZTR will amend the Standard Regulations for Racemeeting Programmes policy 8.3 (a) relating to the Minimum top-weight at withdrawal time for all nominations for races closing from Monday 9 December 2013.

From this date the new regulation will assist the Handicappers to ensure that an appropriate spread in weights is able to be maintained where the topweight is withdrawn after weights are released.

The change was promoted by the NZTR handicappers earlier this year and was discussed again at the October handicapping review meeting. The decision to implement the policy change now was prompted by the weights having to be increased last week for the G3 Counties Cup after the topweight Indikator (59.5kg) was taken out prior to the 10am withdrawal time on the Wednesday after weights for the Cup had been released on the Tuesday.

Without Indikator at the top of the weights the handicappers were required to increase the weights for all of the other horses in the Counties Cup by 2.5kg, resulting in a compressed handicap, with a 58kg new topweight and just a 2.5kg spread between  the remainder of the Cup field, which had a 55.5kg minimum rather than the 53kg allowed.

The current Standard Regulation 8.3 (a) requires the weights for all horses to be raised equally when the topweight comes out. The new Regulation will require the handicapper to have a new 59kg topweight, but then have some flexibility to adjust the weights for the remainder of the field in line with the Handicapping policy template guide to achieve a minimum 5kg spread in the weights for that race where this is appropriate.

Revised Standard Regulation 8.3 (a) Minimum top-weight at withdrawal time:
If at the advertised withdrawal deadline for a Handicap Flat Race (except a Two & Three year old Handicap Flat race), the then top weighted horse has been allocated less than59kg, such top weighted horse or horses shall be allocated 59kg and the weights allocated to the horses comprising the remainder of the field shall be adjusted by the handicapper in line with the Handicapping Policy rating guidelines with a view to achieving a minimum 5kg spread of weights.