60 Seconds with Raymond Shane Dye

The Races
29 November 2018
He needs no introduction, Raymond Shane Dye is legendary not only within the New Zealand Racing industry, but worldwide. We sat down for an exclusive sixty second interview with the man they called ‘Billy Idol.’
You have enjoyed huge success throughout your career. Which is most special to you?
Naturally your first winner is very special, you never forget that. And of course, the Melbourne Cup in 1989 on Tawrrific. 
If you didn't pursue a career in racing, what would you have been?
This question is irrelevant to me because I was born to be a jockey, racing was in my blood. My life is racing and I've never thought of doing anything else.
Of all the horses you rode, who was your favourite?
Three horses stand out - Canny Lad, who I won the 1990 Golden Slipper on. I loved him, he was a very intelligent horse, like a human. Slight Chance who won six group 1 races as a filly and of course Tie the Knot, who won 13 group 1s.
What advice would you give to up and coming jockeys?
Don’t drink, don’t smoke, dress well, speak well, work harder than anyone else and success will come.
How do you define success?
Success to me is putting 100 percent into everything you do. You will sometimes fail but you will also sometimes succeed. It doesn’t matter the finial result, as long as you know you’ve given it everything. That’s success.
If you could have dinner with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?
Lloyd Williams. When I was living and riding in Australia over the Melbourne Carnival, we would eat dinner together nearly every night for six weeks. He is such a knowledgeable man on racing and I never once got bored of his company. However, if you need one person to cook you dinner it would be Sir Peter Vela - the best BBQ chef in history. Great food, great french wine and lovely conversation.  
Where was the last place you went on holiday?
This year I went on a boat cruise around Spain, France and Italy with my two sons (Nick and Jack). I also had time in Mallorca and Ibiza. I spent time in Portugal, Turkey and went anywhere and everywhere for two months in Europe.
What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?
I have a very soft heart. 

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