Melbourne Cup - No Leave? No Problem!

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19 October 2018
Melbourne Cup - No Leave? No Problem!
While some of us may be heading to Flemington on the first Tuesday of November (lucky you if that’s the case!), the reality is that for many of us, Melbourne Cup is just another day in the office. That’s not to say you can’t get amongst the festivities however! Here are our tips on how to bring the on-course excitement to the office...
You may not be strutting your stuff on the Flemington turf, but that isn’t to say that you can’t be in the office! Encourage everyone to wear their best dress or suit, put together a range of best dressed categories and be sure to have a couple of great prizes on hand - you might discover an office fashionista or two!
Racing and champagne go hand in hand! While still keeping things (somewhat) professional, enjoy a glass or two of bubbly before the race. Ensure there are plenty of champagne glasses to go around. Have you ever seen someone drinking champagne out of a coffee mug at Flemington? We think not.
While racing and champagne go hand in hand, champagne and food should too! Ensure there is ample food to avoid any messy office issues. In terms of food, keep things light and fresh. A Grazing board or platter is a great option for larger groups.
Don’t forget about the main event! If your office is large, consider hiring a projector to watch the race on - there’s nothing worse than 30 people huddled around a laptop screen. Ensure there is adequate sound so the volume can be turned up come cheer time.
Racing is a lot more exciting when you have a horse to cheer, and who doesn't love a little friendly workplace competition? Nominate a trustworthy staff member to organise a sweepstake and act as the TAB. If you’re working in a larger organisation, we recommend running a few sweepstakes, with different buy-in values to cater for everyone and ensure no one misses out. Keep an eye on your local newspaper, as they usually include a sweepstakes cut out close to the event. Alternatively, download your own sweepstakes kit here. As another option, gather a group together and pop down to your local TAB during your lunch hour to place your bets.
The Melbourne Cup is one of the few days of the year it's acceptable to throw a party in the office on a Tuesday - don’t waste the opportunity! Entice your boss to embrace the great race - something along the lines of team bonding or reducing workplace stress should do the trick. Happy Melbourne Cup!
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