Five Tips for Spring Racing Fashion

The Races
2 October 2018
The races is your excuse to dress to the nines! Follow our top five Spring racing fashion tips next time you hit the track.
#1 Keep it Bright
Embrace the warmer weather by sticking to bright colours. Deter away from navy and black - reach for something more colourful instead. The combination of red and pink has been somewhat of a ‘no no’ in the past, but the rulebook has been rewritten and it’s very on trend this season!
#2 Embrace your Natural Beauty
When it comes to makeup, try to keep things fresh. Use bronzy tones to accentuate your eyes and skin, or look to add a pop of colour with a bright orange lip. It’s a good idea to pack a lippy and powder in your bag to keep your makeup looking fresh throughout the day.
#3 Have fun with Headwear
Headwear is a great way to take a raceday outfit from ‘drab’ to ‘fab’! Have fun with it, be it a boater hat, fascinator or oversized bow. It’s a good idea to choose your dress first and later find a hat that will compliment.
#4 Pay Attention to the Finer Details
Don’t let small details let your look down! Treat yourself to a mini pamper session and have your nails and toes painted. Look for accessories that will compliment your look and tie everything together. A good raceday look should be complete head-to-toe.
#5 Dress for the Weather!
Even though we are heading into warmer months, the New Zealand weather loves to play tricks on us! Keep an eye on the weather forecast and take a blazer or cape with you if things are looking on the chilly side.
We can’t wait to see what looks you’ll be rocking on course this spring!

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