But what do I wear?

The Races
21 September 2018
“Dressing up starts at age five and never truly ends”- Kate Spade
Sound familiar? Dressing for the races is part of the fun, albeit can become somewhat confusing! Below is our guide to dressing for four different race days this season.
Derby Day
This one is pretty simple - monochrome! Whilst colour is very on trend, Derby Day isn’t the day to be debuting your newest floral ensemble. Instead, think a mid-length black or white dress, paired with an elaborate boater hat or balloon sleeve and classic pump heels. For the gents; dress up a black suit, with a patterned pocket embellishment or statement socks. Black and white doesn’t have to be black and boring!
Cup Day
Remember that floral dress sitting in your wardrobe? Cup day is the day to get it out! Keep summer trends alive with bright colours and bold patterns. Stand out from the crowd by incorporating something a little special, be it a stylish accessory, chic headpiece or statement heels (be sure to ‘break them in’ before hitting the track!)
Steeplechase Meetings
As steeplechase meetings are more predominant over the winter months, be sure to rug up warm! Embrace the relaxed environment - sport your favourite tweed jacket, slim fitting pants and leather boots (winter’s not the time for suede!). Stick to earthy tones for a classic country chic look.
Local Meetings
Fancy something a little more low key? Leave the fascinator at home and go for something more casual instead. A chic summer dress paired with wedges is perfect. For the men, hit the track looking dapper in chino pants and a dress shirt.
Whether you’re gunning for the Prix de Fashion title or simply wanting to look the part while relishing a day out, you’re race day ready!

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