Training Options

New Zealand Certificate in Equine Skills (Level 2)

A programme for people working in racing stables.

Fees Free - NZTR has waived all fees on the New Zealand Certificate in Equine Skills (Level 2) until 31 July 2020.

The course is accredited through the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) and is practically based. NZTR training advisors and tutors will support and guide you through the process.

Duration: 6 months (can be completed in less)

This qualification is compulsory for all newly licensed stablehands but all licensed stablehands are encouraged to apply.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Participate as part of a team in an equine workplace
  • Care for horses in stables and/or yards
  • Prepare horses for travel, load and unload
  • Care for a group of horses in the paddock or yards
  • Knowledge of good and ill health of horses and procedures to follow in an emergency
  • Carry out routine minor maintenance of horse paddocks and/or equine facilities
Download the brochure here

New Zealand Certificate in Equine Stable Procedures and Track riders (Level 3)

Course Fee: Free

With strands in Thoroughbred racing stable assistant and Thoroughbred racing track rider

Duration: 7-9 months

Suitable for people involved with horses in supervised roles as thoroughbred racing stable assistants and thoroughbred racing track riders.

At the end of this qualification, you will have:

  • Knowledge and skills involved in the day-to-day care of the horse
  • Knowledge of good and ill health in horses
  • Knowledge of Equine anatomy and conformation
  • Be able to prepare horses for travel, exercise and attend to them at the races
  • Knowledge in handling and feeding racehorses
  • Knowledge of bringing a horse back into work and letting down
  • Knowledge of procedures used for horse exercise and the skills involved with working safely
  • Skills to apply the correct procedures when riding thoroughbred horses in pacework and fastwork at public training tracks

New Zealand Certificate in Equine (Breeding) (Level 3)

Couse Fee: $295

Duration: 13 months

Targeting more recent graduates to the industry, this programme will provide the skills and knowledge to assist with all aspects of breeding, mating, and the early education of young horses providing a solid foundation for your career.   

The course includes.

Assisting practically with:

  • Teasing
  • Foaling
  • Handling, routine health and nutrition of weanlings and yearlings
  • Routine care of paddocked horses

Knowledge with:

  • Reproductive physiology and cycling
  • Equine conformation
  • Pasture management
  • Prevention, identification, and treatment of ailments
  • Communicating and working in a team and legislative obligations in equine workplace
Download the details here

New Zealand Certificate in Equine (Breeding) (Level 4 Apprenticeship)

Couse Fee: $700 (May apply for fees free)

Duration: 22 months

Formalise your workplace learning and gain an accredited Level 4 NZ qualification by completing this Breeding apprenticeship. 

Implement and monitor:

  • Stud farm breeding programme and teasing
  • Foaling, post foaling activities, foal development
  • Foal development
  • Educating weanlings to yearlings and managing health and nutrition
  • Yearling preparation programme through to sales
  • Assessing and evaluating conformation and action
  • Pasture and feed management
  • Preventative health programme
  • Health and safety plan for a workplace

Knowledge of:

  • Equine physiology and psychology
  • Fostering orphan foals
  • Managing conformation faults
  • Evolution of the thoroughbred
  • Evaluating potential and practical aspects of genetics
  • Evaluating pasture production methods
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New Zealand Certificate in Equine Jockey (Level 4 Apprenticeship)

Free Fees for approved apprentice jockeys. 

Note: An international licensing fee will apply to overseas applicants.

Duration: 26 months

This qualification is compulsory for all Apprentice Jockeys under the NZTR rules of racing. It will provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to become a professional Jockey and is undertaken as part of the NZTR apprenticeship programme.

At the end of this qualification, you will have knowledge in the following areas:

  • Communicating effectively with industry stakeholders and participants
  • Thoroughbred racing’s judicial system and its processes
  • Managing personal finances for racing purposes
  • Ride a thoroughbred horses in official trials to obtain a race day licence.
  • Ride a thoroughbred horse at on race day
  • Nutritional and sports psychology skills
  • Equine anatomy and physiology
  • Health and Welfare for Thoroughbred horses
  • Equine husbandry and the principles of training the Thoroughbred racehorse

New Zealand Certificate in Equine Skills (Level 2)

Gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence essential to the equine industry with Skill New Zealand in partnership with Byerley Park at their beautiful facilities in Kingseat, Auckland.

  • New intake begins 6th September 2021
  • 19 week programme (includes a two-week holiday)
  • Monday to Friday, six hours per day
  • Mix of face-to-face learning in a classroom environment and practical experience in the field
  • * Subject to NZQA approval
Download the brochure here

NZTR Training Advisors are ready to take your enrolment.  For more information and to enrol, please contact your local equine specialist as listed below.

Amy Johnson

Education & Training Team Leader and Apprentice Academy Director

M: 027 561 5787

E: [email protected]

David Walsh

Southern Training & Welfare Advisor

M: 027 570 0804

E: [email protected]