Becoming a Trackwork Rider

Mandatory Trackwork Rider Accreditation Program

Significant work has been undertaken by NZTR, under the guidance of Worksafe to help address the safety of trackwork riders participating in our sport. As a result, a new program has been put in place to fully assess individuals who are applying for a trackwork license for the first time. This assessment program became mandatory from the 1st of February 2022. The program has been developed by NZTR in consultation with the NZ Trainers’ Association and will ensure an assessment of basic riding ability and industry knowledge has been conducted before a trackwork rider license is issued. This program will be run by the NZTR education and training team which will include regional assessors. The assessors are skilled and experienced license holders who will sign-off riders once they display the minimum standard of competency to ride trackwork at half pace on an assessment day. NZTR has endorsed Donavan Mansour, (North) Barbara Verlinden (Lower South Island), Ross Beckett (Canterbury) and Kim Clapperton (Central District) to fulfil these positions. Anyone wishing to attain a NZTR trackwork riding license from the 1st of February 2022, will be required to follow a three-step process:

  • Lodge updated C62 - slow work rider license application form with the NZTR Licensing department.
  • Sign up for the NZQA track rider programme AND complete the associated papers along with the Massey University multi-choice online industry knowledge test; and
  • Book and attend a practical riding assessment day at their preferred regional accreditation centre.

As is noted above, the prospective trackwork rider will complete the associated Primary ITO (PITO) paperwork and, an online industry based multi-choice test to demonstrate knowledge of equine welfare, trackwork rules and safety procedures.

Following completion of the PITO and Massey assessments, the prospective trackwork rider will take part in the practical assessment. The Practical element will include a basic test of strength and fitness; groundwork; saddling; and riding at progressive levels from confined area and to a training track.

A successful assessment will allow the rider to ride slow work up to half-pace (18 seconds per 200m). To ensure a robust system of accreditation the NZTR Riding Master will also be involved in the assessment.

The rider will be eligible to upgrade to a fast work riding license once they have demonstrated competency riding fast work. This assessment will be completed by the employer and an experience jockey or trackwork rider in the workplace. They must complete and sign the C63 license form and lodge it with the NZTR licensing department. Please note, the two people endorsing the applicants skills are declaring that the rider has the competency to ride fast work on a registered thoroughbred horse.

Fee: $110 will include the assessment and the trackwork rider license fee of $30. There is no additional fee to upgrade to fast work.

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Please note: Where an employer does not have a suitable* horse in the workplace, they can use for training prospective track work rider to ride half pace in a competent and safe manner, the following people are available to teach trackwork skills privately.
Nominated Training Horse - “ A  nominated training horse is a registered racehorse that has been deemed suitable by a licensed trainer and experienced trackwork rider/ jockey to be used for the purpose of training aspiring track work riders. This allows that registered horse to be ridden by a unlicensed rider for the purpose of training. A nominated training horse form must be filled in, signed and submitted to NZTR” click here for the Nominated Training Horse Form

*A suitable horse has been assessed as safe to use for the purpose of training novice riders to ride trackwork. They must be either an unregistered thoroughbred (hack) or a registered nominated training horse.


Donavan Mansour - Byerley Park
021 078 8355
[email protected]
Phillips Equine
027 271 9852
Phil Stevens – Northwood Farm
[email protected]
021 521 916
Kim Clapperton
027 221 9738
Buddy Lammas
7 Tasman St
021 742 244
[email protected]
Casey Lunn
35 McLeods Road, Sefton
North Canterbury
027 519 9470
[email protected]
Barbara Verlinden
022 108 5006
[email protected]
Jade Ward
Reigning Downs
021 588 338
[email protected]
Buddy Lammas
021 742 244
[email protected]