NZTR compliments Mayor & Hawke's Bay Racing on new racecourse plan

Tuesday 30 July

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New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing (NZTR) has expressed strong support for an initiative to undertake an independent feasibility study for a proposed new racecourse in Hastings under the leadership of the city’s Mayor, Lawrence Yule.

The initiative involves the Hastings District Council, the Committees of Hawke's Bay Racing and the Hawkes Bay A&P Society, Rugby Club and Polo Club bringing together a shared vision and an initial plan to share a home.

This would involve Hastings Racecourse being sold and moving from its current location to a new purpose-built facility at the current show grounds.

The owners of neighbouring Elwood Park, on whose land the racecourse would be partly built, are also supporting this feasibility study.

The proposed multi-purpose venue could host race meetings, the annual A&P Show and Horse of the Year Show, rugby and polo matches, and the weekly farmers market.

NZTR’s Chief Executive, Greg Purcell, stated:

“This type of bold initiative is consistent with NZTR’s strategy and its 2013 Business Plan of conducting our key meetings and focusing on improving our raceday facilities at ‘Strategic’ and ‘Significant’ racing venues.

“This project has significant potential for the Hawkes Bay community. NZTR will be discussing with Hawkes Bay Racing and its joint-stakeholders in this project how it can most effectively provide support.”