NZTR Integrity Committee Decision In Relation To Mr Paul Harris

Wednesday 15 August

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The NZTR Integrity Committee met in Wellington yesterday, 14 August 2012, and considered advice from Mr Paul Harris provided under Rule 322(2) of the New Zealand Rules of Racing, relating to a decision last Tuesday, 7 August 2012, in the High Court of Christchurch to make Mr Harris bankrupt.

The Insolvency Trustee Service of the Minister of Business, Innovation & Employment has advised NZTR that Mr Harris is unable to manage or operate a business unless and until he is granted employment consent by the official assignee.

Following consideration the NZTR Integrity Committee suspended Mr Harris’s Trainer’s licence and provided him with 21 days notice of a Show Cause Hearing, to give him the opportunity to present reasons why his licence should not be cancelled or withdrawn.

Should Mr Harris be granted employment consent to manage or operate a business by the official assignee prior to the Show Cause Hearing being conducted, NZTR will consider whether or not to lift the suspension for that intervening period.