Equine Industry Training Organisation merges with Agriculture ITO

Tuesday 7 February

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Following a Government review of industry training systems in 2011, the New Zealand Equine ITO (NZEqITO) has merged with the Agriculture ITO (AgITO).

Industry Training Organisations (ITOs) are recognised by the Associate Minister of Education (Tertiary Education) and are responsible for setting national skill standards for industry, providing information and advice to trainees and their employers, and arranging for the delivery of on and off-job training, assessment of trainees and monitoring the quality of training provided.

Under this merger the Equine ITO is a business unit of the AgITO and retains its own identity as ‘Equine Industry Training’ (including logo & website) and is represented by an equine industry advisory group.

The consolidation of services and increased coverage will result in an enhanced service to our industry trainees through the provision of two Full Time Equivalent (FTE) field staff members (Training Advisors) to market and support on-job training, split across three regions (Northern, Central and Southern).  The role of the Training Advisor will be to raise awareness of industry qualifications to existing industry employees across the codes, to sign up new trainees and to support them and their employers in on-job training.

Historically, the racing codes provided both on and off-job support. Under this new model, there is a clear division of responsibilities between on and off job personnel. Our tutors will continue to deliver off-job training through the regional Cadet and Apprentice schools. Tommy Hazlett has been appointed Training Advisor in the Northern region and will continue as Apprentice Jockey Mentor on a part-time basis. Matt Barnsley has been appointed to the Central Districts as Training Advisor and will continue in his role as Licensing Officer on a part-time basis. Additionally NZTR is seeking to recruit an Apprentice Jockey Mentor/Training Advisor in the Southern Region to provide mentoring and coaching to Thoroughbred apprentices, support on-job training and grow the number of trainees enrolled in the Level 3 Certificate in Stable Procedures.

Edward Rennell, CEO of Harness Racing NZ welcomes the merger with AgITO and believes that the new structure will enhance industry education programmes and see a continuation of the excellent provision of training to young people within the industry.

Graeme Calverley, Greyhound Racing’s (GRNZ) Licensed Persons Board Representative added: “This should benefit the Greyhound industry with greater field support and an increase in other resources becoming available to GRNZ training staff to meet the rapidly rising interest in Greyhound racing.”

To further consolidate shared training resources between the codes, Kristie Hill, Harness Racing Education and Training Manager, will deliver the Thoroughbred Apprentice Jockey curriculum in the Canterbury region – an arrangement Thoroughbred Chief Executive Greg Purcell sees as positive for Industry Training:  “With Kristie’s extensive background in equine industry education and training, we are very pleased to have her providing tuition to our apprentices.  Kristie brings an in-depth knowledge and understanding of equine qualifications and compliance requirements which will support the on-going success of our Apprentice Programme in the South Island.”

Enquiries: Greg Purcell, Chairman of the Equine Industry Training Board on (0064) 04 576 6272.