Thursday 28 July

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NZ Thoroughbred Racing has been notified of suspected cases of Strangles at a thoroughbred stable in Mid-Canterbury.

The Licensee has voluntarily quarantined his stable as per the voluntary code of Strangles control, as advised to equine sectors by the NZ Equine Health Association.

NZ Thoroughbred Racing and the NZ Equine Health Association have been in liaison in response to the suspected Strangles diagnosis, and are assured that the horses and property are under the control and observation of an Equine Veterinarian, and that full movement controls have been put in place since symptoms were first apparent.

There are no changes to the programme of race meetings as a result of these suspected Strangles diagnosis. 

All licence holders are reminded to be vigilant in checking the health status of horses under their care, and also reminded to maintain sound biosecurity practices.

An online booklet which has extensive information on Strangles and its control can be found here:  http://www.nzerf.co.nz/sites/default/files/Strangles.pdf

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