Hawkes Bay R.I abandonment report

Thursday 8 October

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NZTR appointed Bell Gully to consider and report on the circumstances that led to the HBRI meeting on 19 September being abandoned and the process followed in deciding to abandon the meeting.

Bell Gully’s report is set out HERE. It comprises two main parts:

  1. Part One deals with events leading up to the meeting.
  2. Part Two deals with events on the day of the meeting.

New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing (NZTR) today released an independent report into the circumstances which led to the abandonment of Hawkes’ Bay (HBRI) race meeting on 19 September 2015 (the Bell Gully Report).

The independent report, commissioned by NZTR, was undertaken by Mark Freeman and Rachael Brown of Bell Gully and forms part of a comprehensive process of review being undertaken by NZTR to ensure that New Zealand thoroughbred racing has practical and fully compliant procedures and processes for considering whether a race or trial meeting should be abandoned, and officers and managers of racing clubs, the RIU and NZTR meet the requirements of the Racing Act, the Rules of Racing and the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.

“Hopefully the review process will identify learning’s that will prevent a similar occurrence happening in the future“, NZTR Chief Executive Greg Purcell said.

A review of the protocols regarding race day abandonments will begin this week. NZTR and the RIU will review the current protocols and, where necessary, make any changes required to ensure the best outcomes when track performance issues are raised. Bell Gully will also be assisting in the review process.