Leo Molloy licensing decision

Thursday 19 December

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19 December 2013

A New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing-appointed Independent Licensing Panel has relicensed Auckland trainer Leo Molloy for the 2013-14 racing season, subject to strict conditions.

Mr Molloy has been training under an interim trainer’s licence while the review of his licence renewal application was considered.

In July 2013 NZTR delegated its powers to determine whether Mr Molloy should have his trainers’ licence renewed to an Independent Licensing Panel of Chris McVeigh QC and John Henderson. NZTR appointed an Independent Licensing Panel as a result of Mr Molloy's history of abuse of various NZTR board members and senior management.  

The Panel has decided to renew Mr Molloy's trainers’ licence but has placed conditions on his licence, which Mr Molloy has undertaken to adhere to. NZTR will keep the Panel in place for the foreseeable future to monitor Mr Molloy's adherence to these conditions.

In May 2013 Mr Molloy pleaded guilty to three representative charges of Misconduct under Rule 340 of the New Zealand Rules of Racing and was fined $1050 by the Judicial Control Authority.  The charges related to three insulting and offensive posts on a social media website. Subsequently, Mr Molloy had left an inappropriate voice message on the phone of a racing official and continued to publish offensive and unacceptable posts about racing officials on a social media website.

Mr Molloy has issued a public apology to NZTR and its Chief Executive Greg Purcell available on NZTR’s website and includes the following extracts:

“Some of my comments have said, or implied, that you are corrupt, fraudulent or dishonest…I acknowledge and accept that is not the case…I am sorry that I made these statements and regret any hurt or distress that this has caused... I am in the process of withdrawing them from the website and have undertaken to stop making such statements in the future…I fully and sincerely apologise to you for making them.”

NZTR Chairman Matthew Goodson stated:

“NZTR welcomes robust, constructive and open debate and fully supports an individual’s right to comment on matters relating to the racing industry in New Zealand, however we will not tolerate offensive or abusive communications which have no place in our industry."